At IMS Financial we are only too aware of the cost associated with ending up on the wrong mortgage rate. Having a mortgage will probably be the biggest single financial commitment most of us make. Securing the right mortgage rate is of paramount importance. That’s where we come in, we have the expert knowledge and experience to guide your employees with their mortgage needs.

Our mortgage advisor will meet with your employees in-house and provide them with the tools to make the right decision when it comes to their mortgage. We know dealing with the complexities of a mortgage can be stressful and sometimes confusing. That’s why we make sure to answer all questions, explain the application process, what is involved in switching rates or provider, the best mortgage options available and most of all that your employees understand the entire process from start to finish.

Companies we have worked with on in-house workshops have found the advice given to be of benefit to their employees. In today’s competitive world we understand time is precious and calendars can be full. That is why we are always willing to work with your schedule and at no cost to your company. If you believe your employees would benefit from this invaluable service, we would be more than happy to discuss this service with you.